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Mosquito Abatement

Mosquitoes are Annoying and Bothersome.

When the weather is right, most people like to enjoy outdoor fun, backyard barbeques and pool parties. Unfortunately for us, mosquitoes also thrive in the same weather and can ruin our outdoor fun.

A Bell's Mosquito Abatement Program targets mosquitoes where they live and breed.
This helps reduce current populations and abates future populations while eliminating the broadcast application of pesticides.

How A Bell's Mosquito Abatement Program Works:

We start with a free inspection of your property.

We apply residual barrier protection around your entire property, targeting likely mosquito breeding areas, such as dense vegetation around foundations and fences, under patio decks and other areas with poor air circulation.

We treat or eliminate stagnant water sources and service areas that can hold stagnant water for extended periods of time in order to keep mosquitoes from breeding on your property.

With our summer program, we inspect your property every month (April-September) to confirm that mosquitoes are not breeding on your property and preventively treat targeted areas around your home. As with all our services, if a problem comes up, we'll come back at your convenience, at no additional charge to you.

Mosquito Treatment Options
A Bell's Mosquito Abatement Program is available in two service options:

Seasonal Program. This is our most effective Mosquito Abatement plan for your home. It includes monthly inspections through out the spring & summer and a plan to reduce mosquito populations around your home all season long.

One-Time Treatment. Ask about A Bell's "Sure Shot" Mosquito Abatement Program.